1. Firstly,  a quick heads up that Hexcam’s next drone survey  for Vattenfall is planned for Monday 18th or Tuesday 19th October. This will be on the same basis as the last one and is part of our quarterly survey of the potential landfall to track the coastline. The survey will be weather dependant and is the last of a first series of 4. Vattenfall are engaging with North Norfolk District Council with respect to the information generated. As with all our survey data, from ecology, to archaeology to socio-economic data, once reviewed and quality checked and complete we will share the data widely in order to ensure that others can also make use of quality, objective and robust data.
  2. We are expecting a consent decision at the beginning of December 2021. Contingent on the consent for the projects being awarded, the next step will be proceeding with the bid for the government’s competitive process designed to bring forward innovative projects and deliver cost efficiencies to the UK consumer, know as “Contract for Difference  (CfD)”. This is the formal competitive process (an auction) to build the Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas  offshore wind farms. At the same time we can progress with procurement and detailed design.
  3. Thank you for all those that undertook our Community Benefit Fund survey, earlier this year. We appreciate your input and the dialogue will progress throughout this next year. We will be back in contact soon to report on the findings of the survey.
  4. We are wrapping up our ecological, geotechnical and archaeological surveying campaign for this year. You may be interested in the film we created with Headland (our Archaeology consultants) about the work we have undertaken at Happisburgh.

Archaeology at Whimpwell Street – Inspiring Norfolk. This film features on the Inspiring Norfolk website – and includes schools resources. We were really pleased that Happisburgh Primary School were the first to see the film and we undertook a special virtual ask the expert session on their last day of term.


Finally, please also note that we have our ‘Keeping in Touch’ sessions once a month.  Councillors and parishioners  are very welcome to join us by booking a 15 minute chat. This can be on any question you have, be that project, careers or supply chain related. They have proved popular up to now and look forward to meeting you. Link Here: .  The next dates are scheduled for 20th October and  17th November.

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