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Over the last two months Vattenfall have been presenting the latest changes and updates to the Norfolk Vanguard Project at a number of Parish and Town Council meetings. During these meetings we have been receiving questions on:


-Vattenfall and our role in offshore wind development  (including how Vattenfall’s multi-billion pound investments to deliver Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas could  help to put Norfolk at the heart of an innovating and fast moving industry bringing benefits to the local economy)

-The consultation process and how communities, their representatives and stakeholders have been shaping decision making

-Our commitment to HVDC transmission technology and how that delivers important benefits in terms of reducing environmental impacts

-The Vattenfall and Norfolk Vanguard approach to reducing environmental impacts

-What local communities could expect during construction, including how we will minimise impact from construction traffic


We have therefore created a new Frequently Asked Questions booklet that aims to answer your questions and can be downloaded from the website on our Documents page:


Two information sheets discussing EMF (electro-magnetic frequency radiation) have been uploaded onto the same page. One covers a general assessment of the effects associated with our project. The second summarises a study, commissioned jointly with Ørsted (developers of the Hornsea Three project) which relates to cumulative effects that may occur at the crossing point of the projects’ cable corridors, under a range of scenarios open to the projects in terms of their choice of transmission technology.  Since these studies were commissioned, Vattenfall have committed to adopting HVDC technology to transmit power from the proposed Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farms. This decision, as explained in our early EMF factsheet, effectively eliminates health risks associated with EMF from our transmission cables, and very considerably reduces cumulative effects at the crossing point, irrespective of whether Ørsted deploy HVDC or HVAC transmission technology.


Finally, we have also updated the New Project Map, which can be found on the project page:


We hope that the documents will provide more detail where there have been questions.


The team is now focused on preparing the Norfolk Vanguard Development Consent Order application to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) this summer. PINS will then take some time to review the application and decide whether to accept it. We will ensure you are appropriately updated with regards to next steps and how you can continue to be kept informed and contribute through the PINS process.


Please do feel free to follow up and communicate with us through the  email.

This will enable us to signpost any e-mails to the key person and ensure a timely reply.


Kind Regards



Susan Falch-Lovesey

Local Liaison Officer and Skills Champion,

Norfolk Vanguard and Boreas

Mobile:   +44 (0)7817 544235




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