Happisburgh Parish Councillors

Glenn Berry Denise Burke Jan Newall
Hall Farm Thrums 19 Lighthouse Close
Grubb Street The Hill Happisburgh
Happisburgh Happisburgh
Norfolk NR12 0RQ Norfolk  NR12 OPW NR12 0QE
hall@farmforage.freeserve.co.uk deniseburke62@gmail.com janet.newall@hotmail.com
01692650321 01692650816 01692 652188
Thomas Love Dave Mole Kirsty Ritchie
The Chimneys 2 High House Fairmaiden Shellfish
Ostend Road Church Street North Walsham Road
Happisburgh Happisburgh Happisburgh
Norfolk NR12 0NW Norfolk NR12 OQY Norfolk NR12 0QU
tlove@walcott.fsbusiness.co.uk the.moles@btopenworld.com fairmaidenshellfish.yahoo.co.uk
01692651247 01692650826 01692652160
Cubitt Siely Sue Stockton George Siely
College Farm The Hill House Field View Cottage
School Common Road The Hill The Common
Happisburgh The Common Happisburgh
Norfolk NR12 0QF Happisburgh Norfolk
Norfolk NR12 0PW NR12 0RT
01692650258 01692650004 01692650617
cubittsielyharvesting@afiweb.net sue.stockton@hillhouseinn.plus.com g.siely@sky.com


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